The Petition

The following petition proposes a referendum with just one question: “Do you believe that the presence of fraternities and sororities should continue to be permitted at Swarthmore College?”¬†Article II, Section 3.1 of the Swarthmore College Student Council Constitution states, “Any student may initiate a referendum with a petition with the signatures of at least ten percent of the student body.”

No matter your views on Greek life at Swarthmore, if you believe that a referendum should be held to determine its continued presence on our campus, please sign this petition.

The motivation behind this petition is the Feb. 14 Swarthmore Phoenix staff editorial, which called for a referendum on the presence of fraternities and sororities at Swarthmore College, as well as a broadening of the ongoing conversations around Greek life here. This petition is not affiliated with The Phoenix.

Note: You must log in with your Swarthmore email address to access the petition in order to ensure that only current students sign it. Should you wish to remain anonymous, your name and username will be kept confidential. Please do not request access to the petition from a different email address.

If you are not a current student or do not want to sign the petition, but still wish to voice your opinion, please do so using the comment box at the bottom of the page.